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Tired of waiting 2 weeks to schedule a lab appointment? Or maybe you’re sick of being held over an hour in a waiting room to be seen for a 10-minute blood draw? Be completely relieved of these stressors with Radiant Recharge lab services!

It is our mission to provide you fast and professional lab collection services that make you feel comfortable and at home. We also take pride on our confidentiality procedures, it is our duty to keep your information secure and private.

If you have your schedule planned out, feel free to make an appointment, however we do take walk-ins as well!

Is it hard to get in and out of your house? We offer mobile services too! Call to book an appointment. Please see below a list of our lab services, as well as the list of our most common blood tests.

Low Cash Pricing and most Insurances accepted as well!

Standard collection fee

(all draws)


Additional travel fee

for mobile collections


Aetna Insurance Accepted

Insurance: We accept all insurances for your lab testing; however, only the following insurances are exempt from our $20 collection fee:

  • Aetna
  • (more coming soon!)

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